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Resource exploitation for human longevity. Technology...

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Resource exploitation for human longevity. Technology...

Post  none on Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:37 am

This is mostly a technology post.
I/we live in a civilization that exploits planetoid energy for the purposes of human longevity.
I imagine unrestricted longevity for the human species.
I imagine that this can be achieved.
my proposal is as follows, please be patient with my writing style.
I propose that all stellar energy be exploited.
This in my opinion can happen by reshaping the Moon into an articulating umbilical and then attaching this umbilical to the Earth.
After this attachment of the Lunar umbilical the Earth is reshaped into an articulating umbilical.
Following this creation of an umbilical that is made of the Lunar material and material of the Earth the other planets, planetoids, and unavoidable or convenient space material that visits our solar system is collected by this umbilical.
This umbilical is then positioned so that exploitation of stellar energy and material can be harvested from the Sun.
I know that tantalum carbide can withstand the temperatures present in and round sun spots, and last I checked it was $823.00 a kilo.
I imagine after the mass of the umbilical is sufficient a surrounding superstructure envelope is created to expel stellar material so that a controlled navigation of the universe begins with the intent of exploiting planetoid energy and stellar energy used to support human life.
Eventually, I imagine, that the space vehicle's superstructure is large enough to exploit all stars within a galaxy and a galaxy itself given enough time.
A Lunar base, in my opinion, can be established by placing the international space station on the Moon and shuttles that collect atoms and molecules from Earth's upper atmosphere can supply the Lunar installation with the needed resources to begin extruding an umbilical from the surface of the Moon.
An articulating umbilical is, in my opinion, a possible venture.
I have limited understanding of the electrical sciences, but I imagine that this articulating umbilical is basically a walled cylinder with 45 degree slices across its major axis and within the sections that compose it are housed magnetic devices that control its articulation and also the passage of material through the interior cavity.
This is not an over-night proposal and I will probably never be around to see its fruition, but I post this in the hopes that it will come to fruition for the sake my children and their childrens' children.
The logistics of harvesting the energy of blackholes eludes me at this time.
just a thought...


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