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Cookies for Allies !!

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Cookies for Allies !!

Post  piginthecity on Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:28 am

This funny little meme has been burrowing into my consciousness for a while now, and it strikes me that it's a particularly bizarre and double-edged little creature indeed.

For anybody who doesn't know the 'cookies for allies' meme, then I'm not going to explain it here, but a perusal of anywhere controlled by 'the committee for public safety' will soon enlighten you.

The reason I say it's double edged is because this meme is so close to the truth that it lets the cat out of the bag. The A+ entitled members actually do have a relationship with their insecure male fans based on both sides acknowledging (usually tacitly) that the game is based on the entitled giving or withholding their approval to the underpriveleged males. In terms of Transactional Analysis, the entitled members are adopting a 'parent' state in the transaction, and the cookie-seekers have a 'child' state.

It's very strange then, that certain members of the entitled group can't resist completely blowing the gaffe and coming right out with the 'cookies for allies' meme. Actually mocking the very people they need to value their approbation. I wonder how much dissonance this causes when the game-players, on both sides, are confronted with such a bald statement of their game.

The rationales I can think of for them stating it are firstly that they are simply bored with the game at that point, and want to play something else. Another possibility is that the entitled member is performing a sort of filtration of partners. The only cookie-seekers who would continue after the meme is exposed in daylight are ones who themselves are so dedicated to the game that they are the best ones to play with.

This is rather akin to the Nigerian 419 scammers whose first letter always admits they are from Nigeria, even though they could easily lie about that if they wanted to. The logic is that anyone who is gullible enough to reply to the first letter is very likely to be so gullible that they will send money, and the scammer doesn't have their time wasted by the non-gullible people who might reply to a more plausible first letter but not acually send money.

So anyone who continues to seek approval from someone who has already taunted them about wanting 'cookies' must be desparate indeed.


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